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4766690881_0f5aaec664_nIt’s Christmas time. Special lightning on the streets, Christmas decoration everywhere, Christmas carols, letters to Santa Claus and, of course, Christmas adverts. All companies and organisations take this part of the year to spread a special message, a message about happiness, charitable thinking and good vibrations for the coming year. 

Christmas time is the best time of the year to help others. Maybe it is the Christmas spirit the one that makes everyone nicer and more willing to help others. It is time to help those who are in need; people that is not going to spend the holidays surrounded by family, gifts and Christmas sweets. 

Christmas campaigns show the best part of everyone. It is time to take a look at what we have and think that if we have everything we need, we can help those people who need more than what they actually have. 

We have made a selection of some of the best Christmas campaigns sharing the charitable giving spirit.

1. Ebay: Window shop for good

In 2011, Ebay and Toys for Tots decided to share the Christmas spirit with those kids who needed it the most. They installed an interactive shop window with different toys, each of them with a QR code. The prices were between 2 and 25$. When someone scanned the code of one of the toys, they were directed to the app where they could buy the toy for a kid. When the purchase was done, the selected toy started moving to celebrate the charitable act. There were only 2 shop windows, one in New York and another one in San Francisco but people could also shop for good online.

2. Waitrose: the story of giving something back

Waitrose, a chain of British supermarkets, has launched its Christmas advert under its charitable giving scheme: Community Matters. For 2013, it is called “the story of giving back”. By buying at Waitrose supermarkets, the client gets a green token that is used to support a local charity. Then, Waitrose organises charitable activities in the local area. The lunch for elderly people in the advert is just one of the 40,000 local causes helped by Waitrose charitable giving scheme.

3. Save the Children

The organisation has created different campaigns for each country. In the UK they have the “Christmas Jumper Day” for December 13th. The idea is simple: wear a Christmas jumper and give 1£ -or more- to Save the Children. Through their webpage, they encourage people to celebrate this day at school, at work, with friends… the more people giving money, the more children the organisation can save.

In Spain, they have a created another campaign: charitable gifts. Buying one of those gifts: Christmas cards, books, whiteboards, etc., you will be helping a lot of kids. 

4. Letters from Santa Claus

The British organisation NSPCC, that works to stop cruelty against children in the UK, has created a campaign in which you can get a personal letter from Santa if you make a donation to the organisation. Your children, cousins or any kid you know can receive a letter coming directly from the North Pole. In that way, you’ll be making more than one kid happy.

See the happiness of children when talking about Santa: “He brings presents to everyone in the single world.”

5. UNICEF: The 3 Wise Men

Bethlehem, year 0. The 3 Wise Men are trying to find the best gift for little Jesus. Gold, incense, myrrh? “Myrrh, maybe that is what children like”, says one of them. With this funny commercial in 2012, UNICEF launched its Christmas campaign with a clear message: exchange unnecessary presents for ones that will actually come into use.

And that is not all. UNICEF created another advert as a response to that one in which you can see the Virgin Mary returning myrrh because it was useless. Once again, the organisation message is clear: give something useful as a present, one that can save lives, like medicines for children.

It is time to be good and there is no better way than doing something good for others. The season of joy, kindness and sharing has started. Spread the happiness all around the world. Share your Christmas spirit with any of the organisations at BetterNow or start your own fundraising.

And here is an urgent message from Santa:

Image credit: TrishaLyn via Flickr

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